Thursday, March 3, 2011

Need More Ideas to start getting money online

  • Having a niche allows you to be the "go to" man or woman in a particular area. Using my own life as an example, if I put my name on a business card or brochure with writer, video editor, photographer, videographer, watercolor painter, Amazon used book seller, website owner, and on and on--it would fall victim to the Jack (in my case Jill)-of-all-trades and master of none effect.
    When people want something done, they want an expert and not someone who just appears to be decent at a lot of things. Note that it doesn't matter if you're actually really good at all of them or not but the impression gives when you rattle off that many businesses when you first meet someone. It often makes word-of-mouth marketing hard to pull off because if you don't really know what you do than other people don't either
  • A great way to discover possible niches is to write out your interests, your skills, your connections (family, friends, classmates, co-workers), and try different ways of combining them into a problem you would enjoy helping people solve. You can usually come up with several, and it does take some thought into picking a final direction. It's a very freeing thing however because it takes a lot of indecisiveness out of your life. I'm in this process with you right now, but I hope you found this information helpful as well.
  • The somewhat odd thing about this is once you pick a niche, people still ask you if you're able to do other things. In the end, you're not really limited! It's just from a marketing standpoint it makes things a whole lot easier for you when you have a focused course of action.
            it worked for me

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